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Ilam's Tea


Cultivated in the laps of the lush green Himalayas, the Ilam's tea is one of the finest teas in the world. Known for its flavour and unmatched aroma, this exclusively rare medicinal tea happens to be the most famous tea in Nepal. Ilam's tea has been the native drink in different parts of Nepal for thousands of years and this wonder plant is avowed for its cardioprotective effects.

Unlike your regular tea, the Ilam's leaves are distinctive in appearance as well as the savour.

Also famously called the Orthodox tea, this hidden gem is grown primarily in the Ilam estate, from where it derives the name. 

Darjeeling has experimented with tea plantation several times, but the Nepali Ilam green tea is nothing like other black flushes. 

Not only is it a healthier alternative to all other teas available in the market but the amount of hard work that goes into the Ilam's cultivation is insane. Growing the finest tea isn't an easy task and it requires hours of manual labour by experienced tea experts who can easily distinguish between various tea qualities. The tea is grown using conventional methods and the skill is inherited by the natives. This is what makes Ilam's so unique and exquisite.

All the tea lovers ought to have a sip of this divine beverage at least once. It soothes and refreshes the soul like no other drink could.